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Why Every Changemaker Needs FIRE and How to Get It

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Take a Quantum Leap to Stellar Success

We all love a mystery, unless that mystery is keeping us stuck. In life and in business there are very specific reasons why people are struggling rather than experiencing the levels of success they seek, and those reasons are not what most people imagine.

To solve the mystery, get unstuck, and take a big quantum leap toward the achievement of your goals and the realization of your dreams, you’ll need to explore a whole different realm.

If You Are Not Experiencing the Successes You Want

If you are not achieving your goals or your dream still seems out of reach in spite of having invested a lot of time, energy and money, take a look at the four main reasons why anyone ever falls short.

Once you know what the four reasons are and which ones are preventing you from being as successful as you want to be, you can get laser-focused on what will propel you in quantum leaps toward the actualization of your potential and the realization of your dreams.

The Four Main Success-Limiters

  1. Lack of Clarity. This is a much bigger problem than most people imagine and it affects many more areas of life than most know.  Lack of clarity is the number one driver of the other three factors.
  2. Lack of Conviction. Conviction is more than confidence. It is certainty that you have what it takes - the knowledge, the skills, the abilities, the drive and the dedication - to succeed in the way you imagine.
  3. Insufficient Know-How and/or Skills. When all your efforts are not producing the results you want, it’s highly likely that you have blind spots that are preventing you from realizing what’s missing from your success blueprint. We cannot correct what we cannot see. Often all it takes to leap to a higher level of success is awareness of what needs to be addressed.
  4. Limiting Beliefs.  This reason is so frequently given that it is almost cliché. But it’s repeatedly given because it’s such a big and success-defeating issue. Our beliefs become a blueprint-like pattern that our subconscious mind unfailingly follows and, if that blueprint does not support our goals and dreams, we continue to struggle no matter how much we time, energy, money, and effort we invest, and not matter how deeply we want to succeed.

The Quantum Leap Game-Changer

quantum leap game changer pic 1No matter what is holding you back right now, there is a simple, fail-proof, and highly effective way to get game-changing results - the ACE Formula™

ACE is an acronym for Awareness, Choice and Energy-Management (Effect)™

The first requirement for any kind of change is Awareness. Until we are aware that a change is necessary, no change occurs. We can’t make a Choice until we are aware that a choice is required. And until we make a choice, we remain stuck in inaction. The choice we make determines the Effect we get, and it can be good or bad, depending on the quality of the choice we make.

To get the effect you want, you must expand your awareness to consider your options and determine the best way to affect the change you seek. Only then can you make good choices and manage energy such that the effect you get is what you want it to be.

Every outcome is determined by the way we use our energy. To learn more about how your use of energy impacts every outcome, watch The Laws of Energy in Action video. 

quantum leap take action pic 1Apply the ACE Formula to the four success-limiting reasons and see what happens.

Download the 12 Foundational Factors for Success (below) and begin developing any of these essential factors that you don’t already have in place.

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FIRE is an acronym for Fast Impressive Results Easily™, and you deserve nothing less.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where the masses are no longer living “lives of quiet desperation” but rather full and fulfilling lives worthy of joyous celebration. This can occur only when dedicated change agents are working together toward a common goal and are, themselves, successful. That’s why our mission is to equip transformational change agents to thrive on every level.

Our Mission

To provide transformational change agents (coaches, mentors, guides, teachers, trainers, energy workers, and other integrative, alternative and holistic practitioners) with the tools , training and credentials to thrive; to be immensely successful and counted among the best in the world at positively impacting lives.

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