Why Become a Quantum Leap Specialist?

Only Quantum Leap Specialists have the tools, techniques and methods for getting the kind of results people seeking a coach crave.  

Studies show that virtually 100% of people who reach out for help, want and expect that the person they reach out to will help them get the results they want faster and easier than they could do on their own. Ans when the pay for that assistance, they expect that the person they hire will get them results faster and easier than anyone else they could have hired. And they are only fully satisfied with the results when they are also impressive.  

We call this essential requirement for high-level success as a change agent the FIRE Factor. FIRE is an acronym for Fast Impressive Results Easily. 

Every Quantum Leap tool was designed to deliver FIRE right up front and continually.

The Quantum Leap System consists of three powerfully effective components: 

  • Success-GPS 
  • RAMP  

These three tools make up one of the most effective systems getting powerful and truly profound results in record time. As a Quantum Leap Specialist, you can get your clients farther, faster than you (or they) ever imagined possible and, in the process, go further, faster yourself (personally and in your business). 

With a reputation for getting clients impressive results easily and in record time, you will quickly gain a loyal following of people who happily refer you to others, which can quickly propel you to the very top of the coaching profession and put you in high demand. The result of loyal fans and high demand is a fast-growing and thriving business. 

The ability to get impressive results in record time also means that you have more free time to enjoy your own life and loved ones, even as you are helping more clients take quantum leaps forward.

The Three Key Components of the Quantum Leap System:

  1. Success-GPS

Success-GPS is personal global positioning system that reveals exactly what an individual is doing or not doing to get the results he/she is now getting and provides a laser-focused road map for arriving at the desired destination in the fastest, most efficient way.

The number one reason most people are not making the progress they are capable of making is because they don't know what to adjust for better results. The Success-GPS solves that problem easily and effectively.

The Success-GPS Playbook is a done-for-you premium coaching program you can use for individual or group coaching.  

  1. CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)

CORE MAP does everything the name promises; provides a clear map to the true core self. It is an amazing catalyst for self-discovery that can help you guide your clients through the maze of conditioning, socialization and other life detours, and lead them to their true, authentic self in record time.

From a place of authenticity, clients gain new clarity, increased energy levels, and a greater sense of happiness, contentment and direction.

CORE MAP gets deep beneath the surface where the real issues lie in just one session. It reveals development levels across all measurable human traits, emotional intelligence, coping patterns, tolerance levels and so much more with exceptional accuracy.

Imagine the confidence a client will have in you as a coach or consultant when you can immediately connect at a deep level...when you can clearly convey that you understand their challenges and can provide a clear and speedy path to powerful transformation.

  1. Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP)

RAMP is a highly effective, yet fully positive approach that works directly with the subconscious mind to affect immediate and lasting positive change in the fastest, most direct way possible.

Twenty years of research has shown this amazing process to be more than 97% effective and longitudinal studies which followed clients for up to ten years have found the powerfully positive results achieved through RAMP to be lasting and effortless to maintain.

RAMP instantly and effortlessly removes subconscious blocks and barriers that prevent individuals from being and doing what they want to do and sets them free to get the results they desire. There is no other method more effective than RAMP. It is not uncommon to have clients state that they have tried everything, including traditional therapy and hypnotherapy, without success prior to experiencing RAMP and then to experience complete success with RAMP. 


  • Removes the blocks created by past programming

  • Eliminates limiting and unproductive behaviors instantly and permanently

  • Heals emotional wounds, including those that stem from abuse and grief

  • Removes fear, guilt, doubt, shame and other negative and limiting emotions

  • Eliminates the effects of PTSD, depression and other debilitating disorders fast

  • Provides relief from chronic pain and helps the body heal faster

  • Repatterns non-beneficial beliefs or concepts for easy, effortless success


Quantum Leap tools get powerful and truly amazing results in the right hands. Our reputation and the reputations of change agents using Quantum Leap Systems depends on maintaining high standards in ourselves, and in those we train and certify. 

To ensure that Quantum Leap Specialists are top notch, we interview applicants to ensure that we are a good for you, and you for the Quantum Leap Systems, and we spend a lot of time mentoring our students to ensure excellence.

We are looking for dedicated change agents who:

  • Want to rise to the very top of their profession with a reputation as one of the best on the planet.
  • Want tools, techniques and methods that get exceptional results
  • See the value to their clients, and to their own success, in helping clients get where they want to go faster and easier
  • Are willing to invest the time and attention necessary to become proficient
  • Prefer to delight their clients with results that get them where they want to go quickly, rather than dragging the process out for months or years

If this is you, please connect with us and let us show you what the Quantum Leap System can do for you, your business, and your clients.