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Every single person who reaches out to another for help has one primary goal; to get good better results faster and easier than they can get on their own.

Change agents who can provide fast impressive results that help their clients get where they want to go faster and easier have a huge edge over those who use typical methods, which can take months and even years to effect measurable change.

Hour GlassMost people who seek help realize that time is their most precious asset and they don’t want to waste one minute of it stuck at a transition point. They want an expert who knows how to help them reach the next       level fast and navigate the new level with ease.  And the more important the goal, the more intensely the individual seeks fast impressive results that they can easily put into practice.

We call this universal desire the FIRE Factor™.

FIRE is an acronym for Fast Impressive Results Easily™.

To be successful, change agents need to be able to deliver FIRE right up front when a prospective client is deciding who can best help them achieve their goals, and they need to be able to keep delivering it to keep clients happy. 

Only Quantum Leap coaches have tools, techniques and specialized skills to coach with FIRE. To learn how you can add the FIRE Factor to your coaching or other transformational change business, see Become a Coach”

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